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Addmefast Bot 2016 Latest Update

farahkhan addmefast

Introduction :

My name is Farah Khan and I am Staff member at Seoclerks and Level X3 Seller with the best reviews and recommendations on Internet.

I am the creator and strategist of Addmefast bot. I started my carrier out of passion for online business.

So I am not selling any junk here for some bucks or anything I am just promoting my service by showing you real buyer reviews and recommendations ( updating almost daily ), You can read and then decide if you need it or not.

I was same like many of you who are planning to start online business and expecting good ROIs.

How Addmefast Works

( If you are old addmefast user you can skip this and start reading from How this bot is created )

Most of you already know what is Addmefast and what it is used for just to give little intro to Addmefast for new users who are reading.

Addmefast is a social exchange website where you get Likes, Followers, Subscribers, Tweets, Plays, Website hits and many more in exchange with points you have got in your account.

addemfast points
addmefast addpage

Steps to Use Addmefast

1-  Sign up
2-  Login to your account
3-  You will have welcome bonus of 50 points
4-  Goto Add-site/Page
5-  You will see this table
6- Select Type
7- Select Country
8- In title you can write anything to remember your page
9- Page URL ( Add your page link you want to get hits on for likes or whatever type you   selected)
10- Total clicks ( The mount of clicks you want on your campaign )
11- Daily clicks ( The amount you want daily out of Total )
12- CPC ( Coins per click or Cost per click )
13- Click save and all is set then click on My pages.


You will see your page like this

Addmefast will start your campaign in few minutes by cutting your coins and giving you the required in exchange. So this is how points or coins are required for exchange.

This is what my whole method is about to get unlimited points and use them for exchanging pretty simple right :) so now let me tell you about my Bot.

order in progress

How This Bot Is Created

I started my freelance business and Addmefast is the first service I started working with.

I made my first service of Addmefast points that time I was using a plugin name “Imacros” and I was selling 5k and 10k points for $5 & $10. I faced lot of trouble making points almost 10 hours a day to fill in just 10k points by this Imacros but that time it was starting I knew something better would come up so I gt almost 20-30 accounts Ban by my testing and testing. Every time I got banned because of multi-accounting, crashing, Imacros, breaking speed limits & opening multiple windows at once.

So I was quite frustrated by that stupid plugin and always trying to search something which will bypass the speed limit and crashing.

So finally I succeeded in my mission and got the way out of this whole limitation thing once in for all. I tested this almost 6 months and all my accounts were safe and unharmed and finally I was able to get the solution of running multiple accounts from same computer as well without getting a Ban.

This is how this Bot was created by my personal frustration from Imacros and getting banned every time LOL. So everyone who is thinking its Imacros old bots its not. The Method and bypass are new and updating every single month almost.

My Addmefast method is unique and there is no seller outside who has this if anyone says we are giving Farahkhan bot then just buy from him and get scammed as method wont be working at all or person must be using my name to sell imacros or java-scripts. I am the first seller on internet who made this method and will remain.

How This Addmefast Method Works

farahkhanIts pretty simple as you all know there is no option to get points on Addmefast except referrals, clicking social pages and buying coins. So I suppose if you are reading this you have tried all those and trying to get something new right ??

One important thing to know I only deliver online means via team-viewer or any remote desktop tool, I never delivered any written content for this to setup manually.

Reasons to deliver myself:

1- To check and test in front of client and test everything working fine.
2- Answer every question buyer ask.
3- I do and deliver what I say so I am not afraid to face client at all.
4- To make sure buyer also falls upon our buyer requirements.
5- Also if clients want to do setup himself I let him do in front of me to teach everything necessary.

For using my method you only be needing Facebook account a fake one off course and a Twitter account nothing more.

After Delivery Support :

You can read about my support from my clients here who bought my service and requested support or re-delivery to other vps or PC.

I am online almost 14-18 hours a day so I can promise you support ASAP. I am not like a seller who grabs money and forget about the client.

When I deliver I give my personal email to remain in contact with me anytime they want they can contact me via Skype ,email or Facebook.


“Took almost 3 hours as our connection was very hard and language problem but seller manged to do anyway and its great As stated in many comments above, the service was timely and good… very good indeed. I am getting the desired output from the service and i recommend her service for anyone who is interested and looking for an addmefast bot. Personally she is very helpful and friendly… A++++++”


April 15, 2016, 11:34 pm

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“Setup : 10/10
Support: 10/10
Program efficiency: 10/10
Seller recommendation: 100%

I just LOVE THE SERVICE BY Farah khan I am more than happy by your service and I really prefer everyone who is looking for best and fastest amf service on internet it helped me for my hits and very easy to use Thanks once again :)
Best Regards”

April 7, 2016, 1:13 am


“OMG EPIC !!!!! I was so EXCITED to get the service Farah you were away for like 2 months but honestly the service is totally worth the wait I dont have any regrets I am very happy that you delivered the product and its amazing and best performing. THANKS A LOT for this wonderful and most EPIC Service ever for Addmefast THANKS THANKS THANKS !!!!”


April 2, 2016, 1:40 pm


“Farah khan did an amazing job with this service. Taught me step by step how to use this . The information she shows is totally worth buying! I’ve never seen the things she taught me and its one of a kind. If your tired of buying useless bots and Imacros scripts that are crap all over seolcerks , invest in this mind blowing service you will definitely not be needing anything more to get points ever again – I promise you that you wont be disappointed. 100% recommended :) Thanks once again.”


March 17, 2016, 1:11 pm